Accordion8+ years
Bagpipe 8+ years
Baritone Bass Clef8+ years
Baritone Treble Clef8+ years
Bass Guitar13+ years
Bass Tuba8+ years
Choir8+ years
Clarinet8+ years
Classical Guitar8+ years
Classical Voice13+ years
Composition Diploma8+ years
Contemporary Guitar 13+ years
Contemporary Voice13+ years
Cornet8+ years
Double Bass8+ years
Drums and Percussion8+ years
Flute8+ years
French Horn8+ years
Harp 8+ years
Introduction to Music 6 or 7 years
Jazz Improvisation 13+ years
Jazz Knowledge and Understanding 13+ years
Music Knowledge and Understanding 8+ years
Musicology Diploma8+ years
Oboe8+ years
Organ13+ years
Performance Diploma8+ years
Pianoforte8+ years
Saxophone8+ years
Trombone 8+ years
Trumpet 8+ years
Viola 8+ years
Violin 8+ years
Violoncello8+ years