How to Apply

Applications are open in July. Exact dates are found on the Noticeboard


To apply, log on to the website:

Click ‘COURSES’, choose the subject you would like to apply for, and click ‘APPLY’. Fill in the required details. Then click on the icons ‘ACCEPT’ and ‘SUBMIT’.

Next, you will be asked to pay (if applicable) using your Debit Card or Credit Card.

If you do not have Internet at home, you can enquire at The School, Local Councils that offer this service. Online applications are preferable since they are processed immediately.


The Malta School of Music Malta is offering guidance and may receive applicants from 9.00 a.m. till noon on the dates when applications are open at 32, Joseph Abela Scolaro Street, Hamrun (t. 21242549). If you choose this method of application, you may pay only using a Credit/Debit Card.

Applicants choosing to pay either by cheque or cash may avail themselves from any branch of One Stop

Applications sent by post will not be accepted.


  • The registration payment (where applicable) is indicated in each Course Group section.
  • For a class to be formed, a minimum number of students must register and pay the fees.
  • Generally the minimum amount of participants per class is 10, however the College Principal reserves the right to change this number for a particular subject due to exigencies of particular subject.
  • Classes that have fewer students throughout the year may be joined, to ensure a sustainable service.
  • It is preferable to apply online to ensure immediate registration.
  • Individuals from foreign countries have to present their legal documentation. One may not request a visa for a long stay on the pretence of applying for any of these courses.