Moira Azzopardi teaches Basic Music Education to the younger students and Advanced Music Theory at the Johann Strauss School of Music.  She is also a Senior Visiting Lecturer and Coordinator of the B.Ed. (Hons) and PGCE (Music Studies) in the Faculty of Education, University of Malta where she specialises in Music Methodology. Her main area of research is Music Education.

Having studied privately with several local composers she obtained her L.Mus.L.C.M,  L.Mus.T.C.M in Music Education and L.R.S.M in Music Theory.

Moira was awarded a postgraduate scholarship by the Austrian Government for a university course in Advanced Studies in Music and Dance Education at the Mozarteum, Salzburg. Here, she specialized in Harmony, Counterpoint, History of Music, Ear Training, Piano Performance and Orchestration. She also studied ORFF Schulwerk at the ORFF Institute, Salzburg focusing highly on Dance and Movement, Ensemble, Composition, Improvisation and Vocal Education for Children.

In previous years, Moira Azzopardi also conducted several musicals, music workshops and exhibitions with university students. Her current work includes the coordination and conducting of various concerts of children’s choirs, ensemble playing and chamber music.