Student Memo 070117

Dear Students / Parents / Guardians,

Trust you are gearing up for a 2nd busy term.

Students who are interested to join the JSSoM orchestra (all ages) or the JSSoM Junior Choir (ages 8-15) – please come and let us know at the main office room 007.

It is important to visit regularly the email provided upon application and the school website – noticeboard, notices, news and calendar. The website calendar carries several important dates including of assessments and parents week.

Get your JSSoM Student Loyalty Card and enjoy free concert made available by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra and Teatru Manoel – attending concerts and listening to live music is an essential part of your music studies. Do not miss out on such opportunities.

Assessments Week is a couple of weeks away – daily practice, weekly revision, regular attendance, active participation in class, doing coursework-given regularly are vital to progress in music studies. Assessments are held during the time of the lesson/s unless otherwise indicated by your teacher/s.

Wishing you all a peaceful and successful year.

Mary Ann Cauchi

Centre Administrator