The The Board of Studies

Mary Ann Cauchi, Centre Administrator – Head of School

Odette Chetcuti, Centre Coordinator

Godfrey Mifsud, Performance Teacher

Natascha Chircop, Performance Teacher

Lydia Buttigieg, Music Knowledge and Understanding Teacher

Moira Azzopardi, Music Knowledge and Understanding Teacher

Celine Schembri, Student

Luca Vella, Student

The Board of Studies have the following key functions:

  • to evaluate and improve the academic strategy for the School;
  • to be responsible for the academic standards and quality assurance of education across the school;
  • to propose courses / programmes to be provided by the School, through consultation with interested stakeholders regarding the curriculum of such courses / programmes;
  • to propose guidelines regarding courses / programmes provided by the School;
  • to establish, subject to the School Policy, the entry requirements for courses / programmes of the School;
  • to recognise, following a recommendation by the competent authorities, qualifications, and awards of other education providers for the purpose of access into a course / programme of the School;
  • to verify that the assessment procedures used by the School are in conformity with the approved academic policies;
  • to vet and approve external project tutors, project proposals, performance programmes, examination set pieces and papers, documentation and results issued by the School;
  • to nominate external examiners according to pre-established guidelines;
  • to establish and confirm prizes and awards;
  • to rescind an award or result after identification of any administrative error or a student academic review;
  • to monitor the progress of individual students (with exceptional changes of situations and circumstances) and provide tailored sessions/assessments as necessary;
  • to monitor students’ complaints, student academic reviews and assessment offences;
  • to receive and consider reports from the various tutors and departments;
  • to advise and deal about any other matter which refers to education and training (including exemptions, extensions and appeals) as may arise in the administration of the School.