The School Council

School Council as per Education Act 1988.

The School Council is made up of:

The President appointed by the Minister for Education and Employment

Mary Ann Cauchi, Secretary / Treasurer, Centre Administrator – Head of School

Odette Chetcuti, Centre Coordinator

Joseph Debono, School Teacher

Simon Abdilla Joslin, School Teacher

Ramona Zammit, School Teacher

Karen Mercieca, Parent

Marisa Galea, Student

Samwel Grima, Student

The role of the Council is not limited to fund raising and similar activities. The School Council is to:

  • administrate the School Council funds and assets of the school;
  • discuss the school environment and the school amenities and propose ways to improve them;
  • discuss the curriculum and the educational services offered by the school and make suggestions to the Department of Education regarding changes or additions to the curriculum;
  • alert the Minister of Education, or any official nominated by him, to shortcomings existing in the school and other matters related to the school;
  • discuss and monitor any environmental problems;
  • discuss any problems related to students’ well-being.