Valletta International PianoCompetition 2018

Students are invited to participate in the Valletta International Piano Competition 2018, which is going to be held  between  8 -11 February 2018 at the Temi Zammit Hall of the Mediterranean Conference Centre and Pallazzo Perreira.


Please find rules and regulations on the website–regulations.html

Categories & Programm


Category  A  –     7 – 9   years    programme duration:  4 min
Category  B  –   10 – 12  years    programme duration:  8 min


Category  C  –   13 – 15  years    programme duration:  12 min
Category  D  –   16 – 18   years   programme duration:  15 min


Category  E  –   19 – 23   years   programme duration: 20 min ( 1st Round ), 20 min ( 2nd Round )
Category  F –    24 – 28   years   programme duration:  20 min ( 1st Round ), 20 min ( 2nd Round )



Programme  must include  2 ( two ) contrasting  piano works  of  2 ( two )  different styles:  baroque,  classical, romantic  or contemporary.  For example:
1 option:   classical movement  and  modern work
2 option:   baroque and  romantic work
Competitors  may also  include a piece written by  any of  Maltese composer.

Full details of each piece/work of the applicant’s repertoire must be listed and should include:

  1. Name of composer
  2. Full title of the piece
  3. Catalogue/Opus Number
  4. Movement
  5. Approximate Timing

The repertoire may not be altered after Monday  1st  January 2018. If competitors wish to make any changes to their repertoire before this date, they must post or email a typed copy of their full repertoire programme (individual  changes cannot be sent separately).
Repeats are left to the artistic discretion of the competitor. Repertoire  preferred to be performed from memory.
Each participant can have an acoustic rehearsal in the Concert Hall  (not longer  than 10 minutes).

An application Fee

An application fee of  100 EUR ( Category A, B )  and  120 EUR ( Category C, D, E, F )  should be paid at the time of registration to the Competition by cheque or online by credit card. In case of participants’ resignations application fees will not be refund.  All bank charges/fees are the responsibility of the applicant and are not to be deducted from the EUR 100 and EUR 120.00  entrance fee.  Applicants will be asked to pay any short fall if a total  amount of application fee  is not received.


– Applicants should retain copies of all material sent, as the Competition cannot return any materials or accept responsibility for any documents lost.
– The Competition takes no responsibility if applications are lost; applicants are encouraged to use recorded delivery or registered post.
– An acknowledgement will be sent to each applicant by email upon receipt of the completed application.
– The selection panel reserves the right to request additional information from an applicant.
– Biographical details will be checked by the selection panel. Inaccurate or misleading biographical information may lead to a Competitor’s disqualification.
– Only fully completed applications will be submitted to the selection panel.
– All parts of the application, including any references must be completed in English.



Online application form


Deadline for applications for local pianists: 24 December 2017.