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Meludia is an online tool to develop music aural skills. +800 interactive games for non-musicians and musicians of all levels to hear and integrate music notion step by step. Visit

Aural Training is a very important section of your music studies. It is important to practice aural training also at home not just during lessons. Therefore, find below some useful websites:

Attending concerts is part and parcel to your music education. Listening to professional musicians play reinforces the learning process of your instrument and music appreciation. Therefore you are strongly encouraged to attend as many concerts as you can throughout the year.

There are several concerts taking place in Malta and Gozo – sometimes even free of charge.  Other concerts are as cheap as €5.  Students almost always are given a Student Discount – so make sure you let them know that you are a student when you are booking any tickets.

The Manoel Theatre has many interesting concerts coming up this season.  Here is the link from where you can access the programme:

(the Manoel Theatre always has student discounts! – ask for them)

There are also Toi Toi Workshops for the younger students:

Concerts by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra: